Client: Airbnb (In class project)/ Date: October 2016
Mothod: Affinity Mapping
Tool: Sketch3, Invision


5 day design sprint challenge where the hypothetical client was Airbnb. The idea is to target Airbnb users who travel and post photos on other social media sites associated with Airbnb. The sprint was divided into 5 days: day 01: Idea Mapping; day 02: Research; day 03: Problem Solving; day 04: Wireframing; day 05: Prototyping.

Sprint Days/ day 01: Idea Mapping

After mapping out the process, we found our main problem for Airbnb customers.

Sprint Days/ day 02: Research

We did brief research about Airbnb and set up some questions for personas for some insights and their thoughts. We found out that the main problem is Airbnb has millions of users are posting photos about their travels, but they have no incentive to tag Airbnb. After some discussion, we came out with a problem to solve.

Some questions we compiled for user test.

Sprint Days/ day 03: Problem Solving

We did some problem solving exercise with the whole class, and then came up with the solutions and prioritized the strong ideas. After reading the solutions, we came out with our ideal solution to the problem we have.

Sprint Days/ day 04: Wireframing

After having a common solution, each of us have to design an individual wireframe.

Start brainstorming by sketching out ideas

Some highlights of the wireframes

Sprint Days/ day 05: Prototyping

Lastly, we prototype our wireframes in inVision for user testings.

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