Project Overview

Manta Mask is an Internet of Things project. The inspiration for this project is from a friend of mine, who suffered from terrible decompression sickness because they surfaced too quickly when scuba diving. This mask aims to prevent this by giving the wearer visual cues of when to ascend and when to wait, ensuring they return to the surface safely.

The bulk of this project is focused not on the mask itself, but on the mobile application that would accompany it. With the app, a user is able to plan a trip, get information and advice, and then transfer that information to their mask. Upon completion of a dive, the mask will then upload information back to the app and help keep a log.


Research Process

What's decompression sickness? (The Problem)

If people come up from the dive too quickly they can get decompression sickness, also known as the bends. This is when the nitrogen in your blood expands too quickly causing pain and medical problems.

Industry/SCUBA DIVE Research

User Flow

Target User

Our target user mainly focused on people who love to Scuba dive and do so often. Their safety is our top priority!

How Manta Mask Works (The Solution)

We came up with a solution that can tell the user when and how to come up to the surface safely. We created an IoT project, there is a sensor built in the user's mask. When the user goes under water it can detect the environment around them and their depth, and let them know when to return to the surface.


When designing the wireframes, I tried to make the logic clear and reasonable to users. There are mainly three components: PLAN; DIVE and MASK.

Design Highlights

Prototype Walk-through Video